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This is my personal blog about all things related to association football (a.k.a. soccer). I’m an avid football and music fan who is originally from Italy, but currently living in Toronto, Canada. I support Juventus, Toronto FC, and Italy, and also sympathise with Napoli, Sassuolo, Modena, and Chelsea, but I write about a variety of topics concerning the “beautiful game”!


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I’m Back!

Hi, everyone! Hope you’ve all been doing well and staying safe! Sorry for the long absence! I was really busy with my day job and other music work, so I didn’t get a chance to work on my blog (even after all the excitement of Italy winning Euro 2020, and then not qualifying for the…

The King is Dead. Long Live the King, Part 2: Pelé the Man.

A banner put up by fans of Pelé’s former club Santos in his honour; as mentioned in the first part of this article, Pelé was often nicknamed “O Rei” (“The King,” in Portuguese). – BW Press/Shutterstock.com In the first part of this article on Pelé, I explored his club career, playing style, records, and in…

The King is Dead. Long Live the King, Part 1: Pelé the Footballer.

There are some players who are synonymous with football. They not only played it professionally, but they lived and breathed it in the way that they won games and titles by completely dominating their opponents and entertaining fans simultaneously, leaving a lasting impression of them in our memories for years to come. One of those…